Discover the secrets of white gold and salt marshes of Life.

With family, friends or group, browse this exceptional natural site made of clay and water that makes it one of the riches of Saint Hilaire de Riez. Located on the right bank of the coastal river La Vie, salt marshes in Hilaire are now protected by the littoral law and classified Natura 2000. Abandoned after the 1970s, these marshes were transformed for a few years into a fish pond and then rehabilitated.

Since 1995, the salt marshes of Life have resumed their activity and include two marshes: the Navy of Recoin and the marsh of Etoile. In La Saline du Recoin, an exhibition allows you to discover the history of the salt marshes of Life.

At the Marais de l’Etoile, an independent salt worker opens its doors to you and invites you to discover the exploitation of the “Salt of Life”. This stroll in the heart of the marshes allows you to understand the work of the salt worker and admire the traditional gestures he makes everyday.

This is one of the many facets of Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez, a land of traditions where we perpetuate, to better transmit and explain, gestures that have survived the centuries.